During this massage we touch another person moving them closer to the
whole-body-filling passion. 
You will feel like in a real paradise together with our angels. 
You will also enjoy a double shower and exclusive oil of your choice.
Price 120€
Session duration80min 
An exclusive massage during which you will not only be able to enjoy an
exotic massage, but also you will be allowed to give it to a girl and demonstrate
your massage skills. 
Price 110€
Session duration: 70min  
"Temptation of Comfort"
A massage with twice as many sensations and body touch during which you
will be able to feel the temptations offered to you by our mistresses.
Price 80€
Session duration70min 
"Angel Touches"
A classic massage with gentle body touches
Price 50€ 
Session duration: 60min 
"Wet Coctail"
A short massage for those in a rush. Together with the mistress
you will immerse into the refreshing water currents and enjoy the
gentle touches of hands and bodies.
Price 50€
Session duration: 30min 


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